Friday, April 24, 2009


I swore I bought 3 12-packs of soda yesterday. Why do I only have 1 left? Is someone sneaking in and drinking them?

I'm back to looking for connections between the pages. I got a couple more solves. Haven't entered them in yet, but I'm starting to think there might be something to the solutions. There are connections here. There has to be.

The question still remains. Why the codes? Codes are meant to hide something. If this is indeed a code... Why would they send the cube in the first place? It seems like if it's this secret, this is a lot to go through to keep it secret. Why would this be the only way to hide it, and what would it be that you'd need it later?

Crap! Microwave's on fire. Forgot to remove the tin foil. I'll be back later.


  1. I tried to call to get some info from ya, but the outgoing voice message made it clear you didn't want any more calls.

    That's disappointing.

    You are going off the deep end man, and I don't believe you are doing anything but sitting on your ass and playing D&D by yourself.

    You need some social time with folks. Quit holing up and hiding from the world. Quit acting like you are doing all these puzzles. I've been watching your score in the cube. You are never ahead of the top solvers.

    If you are really doing all this work, then quit being a douche and post it.


  2. 1. not dumb enough to log in under current info company would know me sure hell not going to risk exposure by posting many solves at once (give me away in an instant). Only enough to keep the new pages coming. Know the right answer when I see it.

    2. phone on this entire time can't find it.

    4. don't tell anything to hasn't cracked code so obvious child could solve

    Know what I'm doing. Trust self.

  3. I hope that guy that called you and threatened you on the phone didn't come and steal your pop, too... :/