Thursday, April 23, 2009

Builder 37

It's not really in my job description to figure out where the cube came from, just to figure out how it works. So, a little innocent speculation is in line with our contract.

I've been wondering about this Builder business on the cube. Specifically, I've been wondering about a certain Builder 37 that keeps showing up in certain commands on the console.

Now, builder's not an uncommon word in the development world, but maybe there's something more to the word and it's being used to mask a deeper identity while still making itself obvious. Who have historically been builders? Who has built the bricks of the world?

Who else, but the Freemasons?

Sure, it's a bit cliche, but I think there's a legitimate thread here. The constant talk about the builders, talk about dictators and fear and saving the world. It all fits the Modus Operandi of a secret organization trying to control the world.

For those of you that don't know the history of the Freemasons, I'll give the abridged version. Some of the founding fathers of America, specifically the federalists, decided they didn't like the way our government was being run and decided to change things slowly from behind the scenes. Their grubby hands then slowly spread throughout the world over the last 3 centuries. Some of the most famous people in history belonged to it. All this, and they manage to hide in plain site fully admitting they exist, but that none of the conspiracies are true. They claim they are "just a group of like-minded men". Anything that tells you the Freemasons were around longer or a different origin is just propaganda.

So, why would the Freemasons leave this cube?

First of all, the Freemasons do not have time travel. The Freemasons made this cube recently (read last 40-ish years). They don't have time travel, but they had access to technologies that would not appear in the public for years to come.

But how does it keep updating itself and how does it have such surprisingly modern references?

This is also pretty easy. What we see as evolution in the cube is actually a member that watches the interaction of the cube and updates it with information based on the users. We've been afraid to crack the cube open for fear that it'd break it, but if we did, I'm sure we'd find a transmitter of some kind. Everything we type in the console is being broadcast to the Freemasons.

Why build a complex cube?

To test us. This is just one of a million ways of testing people to see if they're prepared to become new members. Only the brightest, smartest, and most affluent get to be Freemasons. So, should we solve this, we'll be contacted with an offer.

Should it come to this, I say we send a spy when we solve it and we expose them and all their unlawfulness to the world, but there'll be time to plan that when it comes up.

The real question is... Who is Builder 37? Builder 37 is obviously a Freemason, but which one?

This is difficult. We have to look at influential people that are at least 50 and have computer expertise. Obviously, any of the silicon valley pirates are up for grabs. Bill Gates is definitely a good candidate. Then again, it could be an actor in disguise. Who knows what skills some celebrities really have. There's one candidate that sticks out above the rest though...

Richard Stallman.

Think about it. All this discussion about free software and GNU. It's all to upset the established order. And yet... No one's come to get him about it yet. He hasn't "magically disappeared". This has all the earmarks of someone with connections. That's right. Stallman was a plant to get the brightest young software developers into the Freemasons.

So, now we know what we're up against.

There's got to be more to this though. It's too simple. Yes. This is only a smidgen of the truth...

I'll have to investigate Keith Chapman next. He's definitely something suspicious.

Oh, and tell me if you see a "Concocted Peeved Irish Kith"


  1. Are you doing something with the cube?

    ** error detected in command module **
    moving to backup memory cells
    ** warning network unavailable - unable to alert builders **
    auto repair sequence initiated - command module unavailable

  2. Just saw that. I've been doing some solves with some printed pages mostly today. So, I didn't catch when it happened, but I have absolutely nothing to do with that. I think my theory needs a revision.

  3. Well, I saw a Chicken Decode His Voter Pit, but I don't think that's what you meant.

  4. I don't think I'd be looking for something so absurd. Maybe you should look at the DESCRIPTION I gave you again.

  5. Dude, see my code below.