Saturday, April 25, 2009

code... hazardous for health


no not quite right

not enough

too much

need help


  1. C tbr, C oa, yd. kcev Abf b., cbocidyoZ

  2. You really need to talk to Cray. She wants to help you with this.
    Frg p.annf b..e yr yant yr Jpaf
    Od. ,abyo yr frg ,cyd ydcov

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  4. ,dcjd rb. co p.nay.e yr odak.ol.ap.Z

  5. in case it helps, that person who commented mentioned a twitter account. the person you are meeting is

  6. Dude screw the jre., which is so transparent a child could figure it out anyway. You are starting to piss me off. You say that you are working on this cube stuff, yet you have NOTHING to show for it. We are the ones doing all the hard work, no thanks to you. Then you have the nerve to make up some bullshit about a supposed killer 'code' that is the key to become BFFs or something like that. Well, screw that. And in the meantime you run off to meet random creepy strangers who post meth-head comments on your next-to-useless YT vids? Your priorities are seriously screwed up. Show some sack, get in touch with Cray rather than nursing your latest paranoid fantasies, and for gods sake lay off the booze.

  7. uhhh sorry if I hurt your feelings.

  8. ignore the above. this:
    6294 3057 7585

  9. dammit! ignore ignore. this:
    6294 3061 7585

  10. Dear Rambo,

    What's up? How's all the "work" on the cube. It sure looks like you and Cray are working really "hard" to crack it.

    I feel really lucky to be able to stand by and be near your genius.