Monday, April 13, 2009

Crisis Averted?

With the weekend over, it seems that any short-term effects have somehow been averted. Despite the fact that we probably haven't avoided the full long-term effects, the facts seem to point towards no real major impact. I'll continue research along these lines, but I think it can rest for now.

The thing that bothers me is this. Who stopped them? I didn't have near enough back-up or information to make a move. On top of that, Cray has been making mistakes left and right and forcing me to work overtime to fix them. A typo here, a new forum there. Barely gives me enough time to breathe, much less save the world.

So who saved us?

Was it Ryan Seacrest?
While his twitter stream did die down, Mr. Seacrest was accounted for for the vast majority of the weekend.

I've looked it over and can't find a connection.

The only other event of note I can seem to find in the last week was the Death of Dave Arneson. For those of you that don't know about Arneson, more information can be found here:

Perhaps. There is a connection though. The death of Gygax and Arneson within a year of each other, the co-creators of D&D, and the constant insistence by righteous Catholics that D&D is made by the devil. If said people that are against D&D were part of the Christian Illuminati, then perhaps there are clues in the game itself. Maybe they were on to the conspiracy and were secretly freedom fighters. Maybe they only had the guts to start a conspiracy this weekend because they knew Arneson was sick and Gygax was dead. Even then, Arneson doubtlessly had some contigency plan and followers to help it. He did what I only could dream to do in a lifetime.

If this was true, then the two would've not only been heroes to a generation of nerds but unspoken heroes to the world itself. Their influence has doubtlessly touched your life in some way or another. Maybe, just maybe, Arneson died with the knowledge that he had left the world a better place than he entered it. I don't know how they did it, but somehow, they're involved with this whole thing, and we owe them so much. I'll keep an eye out, but there are other truths to look at for now.

I think I'll give a look at my old D&D books later and try to see the world through Arneson's eyes. Maybe there's something to it.

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