Saturday, April 25, 2009

code... hazardous for health


no not quite right

not enough

too much

need help


did the painter and scientist meet one man thinks so

picasso paints don mclean a horrible murder

the raven sits in asia as well as egypt

obelisks lead to evolution

its full of stars

all life ends and begins anew from the earth

the grand stone house sits next to the original man of renaissance smiling

the fish giver's secret

history is relative

great world leaders sit across time around one object

the players are broke but the executives are not

it all comes together

codes and bars and codes and text

the cube may help

if we're not hexed

read a book

there's only one possible end

the problem is not if but when

the path is obvious

kill the king

with all this knowledge

the play's the thing

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Idea

Took break. Had idea.

Found connection. Page related. Culture. Keep updated. Watch Bright Raven.



I swore I bought 3 12-packs of soda yesterday. Why do I only have 1 left? Is someone sneaking in and drinking them?

I'm back to looking for connections between the pages. I got a couple more solves. Haven't entered them in yet, but I'm starting to think there might be something to the solutions. There are connections here. There has to be.

The question still remains. Why the codes? Codes are meant to hide something. If this is indeed a code... Why would they send the cube in the first place? It seems like if it's this secret, this is a lot to go through to keep it secret. Why would this be the only way to hide it, and what would it be that you'd need it later?

Crap! Microwave's on fire. Forgot to remove the tin foil. I'll be back later.

Mind Control

Okay. So maybe the cube is trying to get us to answer these puzzles so it can home in on our brain frequency and mind-control us. Of course, mind control frequencies are ridiculous. So, instead, maybe it's a mechanism that releases MORE Flouride into the water.

Yuo know. Flouride. Mind control. Like the russians.

I think I'm going to take a break on the base 64 text file codes and move onto more pages. Maybe I'll find a connection if I solve more.

The Mafia

Does the Mafia use cubes? Do most of them know how to use a computer? Maybe it's the Mafia. A definite possibility. I'm marking that down.

I don't think I'm reading these words correctly. Otherwise, the cube is demanding my romantic entanglement with an inanimate object. That's just silly.

The clues are still here. I'm so close, I can feel it. It's only a matter of time before I unravel this mystery.

Ooooh. There's an idea. The cube is actually a sentient lifeform in its early stages of childhood, trying to learn from our answers. As we answer more and give more commands it evolves and evolves until soon it'll become a beautiful butterfly.

Quick Update.

I think I've gotten most of the words out of the unaltered data files. I can't make any order where it makes sense. Maybe I need the words from more puzzles or maybe I just haven't found enough in the existing ones.

Hmm... Here's another idea. Maybe the person or thing that made the cube doesn't know much about the western world and the decoding of the cube is a way for this alien entity to learn about our society. There's some cultural significance in some of these. Maybe they've gotten these images and scrambled them with others but don't know how to read it. It'd have to be something REALLY distanced from our world... Like Japan.

Well, at least the tech seems to match.

Just a couple more hours and I'll get some sleep. I'm calling in "sick" tomorrow. So, it's shouldn't be a big deal. As long as I sleep soon, I'll be fine.

It's in the codes.

This may sound crazy, but I went back, and I started finding words in the actual page codes. As I found more and more, I started making connections. The only one I can't seem to connect is the word "kiss". I wonder why that's in there.

Whoever this is is trying to tell me a message through these pages. I just have to put the words in order...

But how would I know the order?

I'll just have to try every combination.

I can call in sick again tomorrow. No one will ever notice.

Just a little bit longer and I can get some sleep.

Stay tuned. I'm on to something.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Maybe I was onto something. Maybe this is a test from Aliens to see if we're ready for first contact, using our own culture. That has some possibility to it. I mean, it would explain the strange design of it, and it very alien computing processes.

If that's true though, what's all this talk about dictators then? If we don't answer it, do we prove ourselves NOT worthy of contact and are destroyed or taken over? Is this a planetary threat from an extra-planetary source?

The Key is the Message. The Message is the Key.

Getting late. Forgot to eat dinner. Bit late now. Maybe I'll grab something out of the fridge. I've made a lot of progress on some of the pages, but I'm more interested in the connections between them.

There's got to be a code here somewhere. It's complex, but it has to be worth it.

I think I need to flip my last idea.

Maybe instead of a possible destruction, the cube is a gift. Maybe instead of death, it'll be eternal life. I still have no way of knowing until I find a connection.

Hard copy, photocopy, digital copy. It doesn't make a difference. I can't find the secrets. I can't give up either, though. Only 6 letters separate me from my enemies.

Come to think of it. I've never considered form in my theories.

Maybe the cube is important as a visual icon. What possible meaning could the shape of a cube have to the creators? If I know this, I might learn who they are. Do they love squares or just the number 3?

The Holy Trinity.

Body, Mind, and Soul.

The father, The son, and The Holy Ghost.

It could be the church. Or maybe it's a test from God himself.

I'm going to do a little more research. I'll keep you updated.

Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

Another Theory...

I was eating a late lunch, and it occurred to me that the cube might be government related. The puzzles might be some kind of cipher for a deep-hidden government secret.

The goofy interface and the cryptic secrets. It's a definite possibility. But what is it the key to?

Maybe the cube contains the key code to launching our nukes.

We might destroy the world instead of saving it. Even more reason the company can't know what's inside.

Scary thought really, but I'm determined to move on.

Can't focus too much on the small stuff either. Maybe they do put chemicals in these burgers to make them taste so good, but that's hardly important compared to the entire world.

Yeesh. It's a bit too serious here. How about a joke? Although, it's not a very good one.

How does math travel?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
(Hint: What are some ways a human can travel?)

Builder 37

It's not really in my job description to figure out where the cube came from, just to figure out how it works. So, a little innocent speculation is in line with our contract.

I've been wondering about this Builder business on the cube. Specifically, I've been wondering about a certain Builder 37 that keeps showing up in certain commands on the console.

Now, builder's not an uncommon word in the development world, but maybe there's something more to the word and it's being used to mask a deeper identity while still making itself obvious. Who have historically been builders? Who has built the bricks of the world?

Who else, but the Freemasons?

Sure, it's a bit cliche, but I think there's a legitimate thread here. The constant talk about the builders, talk about dictators and fear and saving the world. It all fits the Modus Operandi of a secret organization trying to control the world.

For those of you that don't know the history of the Freemasons, I'll give the abridged version. Some of the founding fathers of America, specifically the federalists, decided they didn't like the way our government was being run and decided to change things slowly from behind the scenes. Their grubby hands then slowly spread throughout the world over the last 3 centuries. Some of the most famous people in history belonged to it. All this, and they manage to hide in plain site fully admitting they exist, but that none of the conspiracies are true. They claim they are "just a group of like-minded men". Anything that tells you the Freemasons were around longer or a different origin is just propaganda.

So, why would the Freemasons leave this cube?

First of all, the Freemasons do not have time travel. The Freemasons made this cube recently (read last 40-ish years). They don't have time travel, but they had access to technologies that would not appear in the public for years to come.

But how does it keep updating itself and how does it have such surprisingly modern references?

This is also pretty easy. What we see as evolution in the cube is actually a member that watches the interaction of the cube and updates it with information based on the users. We've been afraid to crack the cube open for fear that it'd break it, but if we did, I'm sure we'd find a transmitter of some kind. Everything we type in the console is being broadcast to the Freemasons.

Why build a complex cube?

To test us. This is just one of a million ways of testing people to see if they're prepared to become new members. Only the brightest, smartest, and most affluent get to be Freemasons. So, should we solve this, we'll be contacted with an offer.

Should it come to this, I say we send a spy when we solve it and we expose them and all their unlawfulness to the world, but there'll be time to plan that when it comes up.

The real question is... Who is Builder 37? Builder 37 is obviously a Freemason, but which one?

This is difficult. We have to look at influential people that are at least 50 and have computer expertise. Obviously, any of the silicon valley pirates are up for grabs. Bill Gates is definitely a good candidate. Then again, it could be an actor in disguise. Who knows what skills some celebrities really have. There's one candidate that sticks out above the rest though...

Richard Stallman.

Think about it. All this discussion about free software and GNU. It's all to upset the established order. And yet... No one's come to get him about it yet. He hasn't "magically disappeared". This has all the earmarks of someone with connections. That's right. Stallman was a plant to get the brightest young software developers into the Freemasons.

So, now we know what we're up against.

There's got to be more to this though. It's too simple. Yes. This is only a smidgen of the truth...

I'll have to investigate Keith Chapman next. He's definitely something suspicious.

Oh, and tell me if you see a "Concocted Peeved Irish Kith"

One More Down

Called in sick. Couldn't stand that office.

Not being in the office or having Cray to interrupt my work is really working out. I've already solved another page. This is definitely the best configuration possible for cracking this thing.

Wonder why I ever thought the cube was something so unimportant. The people at work don't know how important it really is. There has to be something here, I just know it.

If I have to solve this puzzle alone, so be it.

Ece frg o.. yd. Pak.b-o UncidyZ <df dak.b-y frg ornk.e yd. jre.Z

Maybe I should go look at some of my solved puzzles. There might be something there.

Ryan Seacrest said he downed a Seabass last night on twitter. What does that mean? Is it code?

The new theories don't connect. Maybe I should look at some of my theories from BEFORE the blog. Maybe there's something there.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Damn Page...

Most of these I've gotten on my own. I haven't been keeping up with the forums too well. Is there any help on this one?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Leak...

It occurs to me, that with yesterday's fiasco, SOMEONE is onto the whole operation. Our company isn't smart enough to have found us by themselves.

I can only logically assume that one of the people following us out there is a spy. So, I can only assume the code has been cracked by THEM.

This is terrible news for the state of things. Someone wants the cube and wants the information inside of it. Who it is, I don't know, but someone very close to my followers is working for them.

There's only one reasonable course of action.

There needs to be a new code.

I'm going to keep working on the page solves.

You figure out what this means and get back to me on that...

6289 3052 7582

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calmer Waters

It looks like nothing happened overnight. I can't let myself get too worked up over this. It could be a trap.

I always knew someone was watching me. They've just chosen to make themselves known now. If they've gone through this kind of trouble, I must be onto something. Maybe they are after information on the cube. They said as much, but it could be equally likely that that is a red herring to keep me away from one of the other theories. So, I'll have to continue to watch everything closely with a low profile. I can't alert too many people.

On top of that, I think Cray just thinks I have new business jitters and that I just imagined the phone call. She never believes my theories. She won't believe me if I push the issue too often. So, I'll need some undeniable proof.

So, for now, I'll just have to go back to being my regular old self and wait for a chance to strike.

However, I received a phone call that brought up a point. How do which people I can trust when they call me up? If they're watching from all directions, then they could be anyone.

I did a little deduction on the phone calls I received. They specifically referenced the website and the content on it. However, despite claiming to know everything, they seemed to fail to know about my twitter, my youtube profile, or my blog. Apparently, my ruse was clever enough to cover my tracks. It's likely they read my blog, but if I encrypt some of my messages, it'll be easy to identify me.

So, for those loyal truth-seekers out there that truly want to help, I've made a system. I'll post codes to contact me with or encoded messages periodically throughout the pages. Hopefully, they'll seem mostly innocent to the people watching me, but to the true fans, it should immediately become obvious that it's a code.

I've placed a simple 2 word message in the most recent video on Electron Innnovations' website. For those keeping track, that's the video for April 14.

It's a decently common phrase, but weird enough that it's not likely to be used by someone in a regular conversation. Figure out the 2 words and then slip them somewhere into the conversation or e-mail you send me.

For instance, if the phrase was "Horse riding". You would say something along the lines of "I'm interested in your product and would be willing to invest a lot of money on it. Would you and Cray be willing to go on a weekend horse riding trip with me to discuss business?"

I figure only the truly loyal will be smart enough to figure this out. So, if you can figure the phrase out, I'll trust you to tell you what I know and let you help me. Of course, they'll figure out the codes eventually. So, I'll have to periodically change them. Stay tuned.

Resurrect the truth.

Monday, April 13, 2009

They're back...

I got called again by the same person...

They know something about the cube... They've seen it before. They know something.

Damn it! Cray was right... There's something going on here... I'll have to investigate more...

I got to keep my bearings.

It's GOT to be more than it seems.

I'm going to need to investigate. Someone is watching me, and I need to know who. Tell me whatever you know if you're out there.


It seems things have gotten serious. I don't know if anyone checks this, but it's of the utmost importance to make these things public when they happen.

I just got a threatening call from an anonymous source. They must've known how to catch me off-guard too, because they got me to admit my name over the phone. Not that it matters. They know who I am, and they probably know what I can do. I'll have to be careful from now on...

Do they want the cube or was one of my other theories correct? I have to tell Cray IMMEDIATELY. Her life might be in danger.

I have to investigate. I'll update when I find out more.

Every true seeker of the truth knows this moment will come up some day. I may not make it out alive.

If I don't report back, continue to resurrect the truth.

Crisis Averted?

With the weekend over, it seems that any short-term effects have somehow been averted. Despite the fact that we probably haven't avoided the full long-term effects, the facts seem to point towards no real major impact. I'll continue research along these lines, but I think it can rest for now.

The thing that bothers me is this. Who stopped them? I didn't have near enough back-up or information to make a move. On top of that, Cray has been making mistakes left and right and forcing me to work overtime to fix them. A typo here, a new forum there. Barely gives me enough time to breathe, much less save the world.

So who saved us?

Was it Ryan Seacrest?
While his twitter stream did die down, Mr. Seacrest was accounted for for the vast majority of the weekend.

I've looked it over and can't find a connection.

The only other event of note I can seem to find in the last week was the Death of Dave Arneson. For those of you that don't know about Arneson, more information can be found here:

Perhaps. There is a connection though. The death of Gygax and Arneson within a year of each other, the co-creators of D&D, and the constant insistence by righteous Catholics that D&D is made by the devil. If said people that are against D&D were part of the Christian Illuminati, then perhaps there are clues in the game itself. Maybe they were on to the conspiracy and were secretly freedom fighters. Maybe they only had the guts to start a conspiracy this weekend because they knew Arneson was sick and Gygax was dead. Even then, Arneson doubtlessly had some contigency plan and followers to help it. He did what I only could dream to do in a lifetime.

If this was true, then the two would've not only been heroes to a generation of nerds but unspoken heroes to the world itself. Their influence has doubtlessly touched your life in some way or another. Maybe, just maybe, Arneson died with the knowledge that he had left the world a better place than he entered it. I don't know how they did it, but somehow, they're involved with this whole thing, and we owe them so much. I'll keep an eye out, but there are other truths to look at for now.

I think I'll give a look at my old D&D books later and try to see the world through Arneson's eyes. Maybe there's something to it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hannah Montana Conspiracy: The Movie

Recently, my friend Cray has been trying to distract me with this weird little cube we found in our office building. She's been twittering everywhere asking people to help her hook the thing up. I think she's going an awfully long way to make fun of me.

April Fools is over, Cray.

Her distractions are in vain though. I'm on to something HUGE!

As you may know (and likely do from the incessant crowds of tweens that won't shut up), the Hannah Montanna Movie is set to be released on Friday. This normally not a big deal. Movies are released on Fridays all the time. However, this isn't just any Friday. This Friday is April 10th, 2009. GOOD FRIDAY!

I'm sure you're all familiar with Miley Cyrus' pro-Jesus Easter message last year. For those of you that missed it, here it is:

“Jesus rocks! I sing, act and dance for Jesus! Now that I think about it, I do everything for Jesus. We do YouTube videos for Jesus. We’re all about it." -Miley Cyrus, March 2008

Now, of course, this is a weird quote. Look at the wording on it. It seems so fake and disgenuine. It seems forced. Most people would assume it's a joke or obvious pandering, but what does a mega-millions star have to gain from an obvious ploy the media will pick up on? She talks like Jesus is alive and constantly keeping an eye on her. It's like she KNEW someone would find this...

That's when it struck me. Jesus IS watching her.

Stay with me on this one, it may seem like a stretch, but I assure you, the signs are there.

We all know Disney is one giant massive American conglomerate. Every intelligent person has doubtlessly noticed Disney's near blatant Christian pandering despite obviously being less innocent than it acts. A network that shows flirtatious actions in 12 year-olds identifies itself as Christian.

It was even parodied on a recent South Park episode involving the Jonas Brothers and the usage of Purity Rings.

Disney goes out of its way to pass its stars off as good christians even when they're not. Their fakeness can be almost unsettling. And yet, their stock remains up, even in a CRASHING American economy. What is their secret?

Jesus. Jesus is their secret.

This may be unsettling for some of you, but I've thought it through. The constant intoning of christian TV stars under the Disney/Time Warner conglomerate. It's a code phrase. It's an identification marker of a secret society that pre-dates the Illuminati or the Free Masons.

But Bertram, you may be saying, Christianity has been around for over 2000 years and is one of the largest religions in the world. Why would a secret society create a popular religion to keep itself secret? The answer is simple. They never intended it that way.

Around 15 A.D. a group of men formed a secret society with the intent of furthering their own plans for world domination by overthrowing the Roman Empire. Once the Roman Empire was out of their way, they'd slowly eat away at the government infrastructures and weedle their way in. Once they had members in each tier of government, they'd spread their influence. How did they keep themselves secret? Through Jesus.

For those of you that know your history, Jesus wasn't the ONLY savior going around during the beginning of the first century. The movie "Life of Brian" is actually somewhat accurate in this sense. Well, this secret society, that we will now refer to as the Christian Illuminati for ease of reading, created a fake savior and fake apostles. These were the original members of the Christian Illuminati. They slowly increased membership through their fake sermons and those smart enough to decode it. Their ideals were just weird enough to give hints without raising suspicion.

Unfortunately, something happened that they didn't expect. People started taking their savior seriously.

This left them in a bind. Their subtle attempts to overthrow the Romans were now in the public. Their secret was in danger of being let out. It was then that their leader, Jesus, made the ultimate sacrifice. He let himself be crucified by the romans in order to alleviate the suspicion off his fellow members of the Christian Illuminati. The Last Supper was his last set of instructions, a brilliant plan that is still being enacted today.

Things started going uphill from there. People started taking Christianity even more seriously. Eventually, the spread of Chrisitianity lead to their original goal, the downfall of the Roman Empire. The Christian Illuminati formed the Catholic Church and found themselves in the seat of power they desired. However, they needed a way to keep their power.

So, they milked the accidental success of their religion, and used their knowledge of reading and writing to fake a set of moral teachings. They created a Christian Heaven and Hell and even a Purgatory in order to scare followers into staying under their religion and not moving to a more tolerant religion.

The plan sustained itself well. People were preaching Christianity soon without even BEING a member of the Christian Illuminati. For CENTURIES there was no possible threat to their power. Governments changed and the seat of power changed, but Christianity was ALWAYS in power even if it had to change its name to do so. Even the invention of movable type was no threat. However, there was something they COULDN'T plan for. The media.

With the advent of the invention of Radio and Television and Motion Pictures, people lost their obsession with Jesus and God and became obsessed with Groucho and Chaplin. For the first time in over a Millenia, the Christian Illuminati was in threat of extinction. They had only one chance for survival. Immerse Christianity INTO the media and become the media itself.

Over the next century, they started recruiting members of popular media into their secret club. They started putting members into EVERY branch of the media. By the time the internet came around, they were already ready. Google itself is a branch of this secret society and is using its power to buy-out any threats to its power, like youtube (which they overloaded with illegal clips of their own shows to keep original content from coming out).

Their greatest triumph was the Time Warner/Disney conglomerate. They now owned the majority of the media. They maintained contact through code phrases.

That's right. All those OBVIOUSLY fake declarations of Christianity in non-Christian stars... They're tags to make sure that their people know who they are. Unfortunately, some people ARE that serious about Christianity and the code phrases are having to get more and more ridiculous. The Chastity Rings they hand out at schools were an attempt at another signal (seriously, who's going to openly declare themselves THAT into Chastity), but it backfired when what they thought would be something NO ONE would take became something EVERYONE was taking to.

I've already exposed Ryan Seacrest as a secret agent, but up until now, I always thought he was an agent for the US Government. Now, I realize he is a secret agent for the Christian Illuminati... or maybe he's a double agent for the Illuminati, trying to help them regain power. He acts Christian, but he never outright says it, and he's as close to Hollywood's biggest stars as everyone. Maybe he's trying to connect with the leaders and find out what their up to.

When you think about it, Miley Cyrus' weird Jesus message makes sense.

“Jesus rocks! I sing, act and dance for Jesus! Now that I think about it, I do everything for Jesus. We do YouTube videos for Jesus. We’re all about it." -Miley Cyrus, March 2008

She is communicating with her Christian Illuminati masters, but about what?

Isn't it obvious? Easter and Christmas may not be REAL holidays when you accept the truth about the Christian Illuminati, but they are still important dates. They are the dates when the major players in this secret society meet to discuss their plans and how they relate to Jesus' Last Supper.

The messages around Easter, the release of a major movie on Good Friday so kids are nearly gauranteed to see it with their parents on Easter Sunday. The Christian Illuminati is trying to distract us. Something big is coming down, this weekend. ALL of the key members will be meeting in one place, but I do not know where.

We may not know the impact of it immediately, but it's coming. April 10th, 2009 is important to them somehow... Maybe the last plan of Jesus' Last Supper comes to fruition this year.

Ryan Seacrest has been unnusually active as of late too. Some might say its because we're in the prime part of the American Idol season, but it doesn't take a lot of effort to be a disgenuine jackass on TV. What's he doing with all that extra time? He's trying to find out their secret plot. He's trying to reveal it and stop it before we're all enslaved by our Christian masters until the end of time.

So, I'm sending out this call for help. I NEED to find out what Jesus and the Christian Illuminati are planning for this weekend. We may all be doomed if we can't figure it out.

If you have any information pertaining to this conspiracy, you contact me at my number at Electron Innovations at: 972-EI2-5439

Oh, and if it's not obvious by now, I urge you, DO NOT SEE THE HANNAH MONTANNA MOVIE THIS WEEKEND.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Texting Gives You Cancer

I recently got a new phone for work. I'm not the biggest fan of cell phones. There's already a multitude of things wrong with them. People with the right tools can listen in on your conversations more easily than with a land line, bills can be ridiculous and arcane, and of course, the cell phone companies are using the advent of cell phones as a cover-up for the fact that half the cell-phone reception towers are just a part of a large and elaborate multi-national spy network.

We all know that there's a strong chance that phones could be linked to the rising Brain cancer in the world. It seems like some people are under the impression that texting can keep this from occurring. Now, as much as I'd love to take down the act of texting for the sake of it, I'm doing this because people can't seem to put 2 and 2 together.

(What's the point of a text message when no one seems to be able to spell or read anymore? Seriously, if I wanted a slower, throw-away, text-based method of communicating with people, I'd train a carrier pigeon.)

Cancer is not a magic ray of evil that enters your body. Cancer is the mutation of a cell that causes it to live longer and split at a faster rate. There are numerous factors that can cause and many that we haven't even found yet. That being said, any part of your body where cells multiple is fair game for cancer. Sure, it's most common in some areas, but the cells in your thumbs are no more resillient than the cells in your brain. This is but one of the many reasons I try to keep my phone calls short.

So why the scare over texting? Because texting takes longer than speaking. The time it takes me to pull my phone out of its protective casing, dial a friend on speed-dial, and say "Hey Cray. I'm at the grocery store. Need any milk?" is about a minute. But the time it takes me to open up my menus, find the contact on my list, type out the message, and then send the thing over these companies slow-loading receivers can be several minutes. Sure, I could use short-hand, but I'm not an idiot, and I don't support the epidemic of stupid that is plaguing our country in the form of "net speak".

So, 1 minute of exposure becomes 5. Now, imagine the people that are going around texting constantly instead of just calling their people with the phone (the way it was INTENDED to be used). They're being exposed to 5 times the deadly rays. Even if the thumb cells were SOMEHOW more resillient than the brain cells, I doubt the number is more than 5 times as such. Texting is a HAZARD to society.

Am I going to stop people from texting? No, but I do encourage you that if you HAVE to continue with the texting keep a pair of preventative gloves handy. By keeping a material between you and the phone, you can reduce the harmful rays that enter your hands. If you can't abstain from this stupid practice at least practice this one precaution. It shouldn't change the experience at all.

Remember. No glove, no text.