Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Farewell...

We live in an age of ignorance. Horrible Truths lie just under the facade we call reality if we are only able to look for them. But how can people look when they have been taught to stab out their own eyes of skepticism and objectivity? Is someone lying to you right now?

Even the most of the people that call themselves seekers of the truth, the people most people call Conspiracy Theorists, have decided to live life in their own little worlds. Their world is not more truthful than the average citizen's, it is merely more fantastical.

Only someone with an unbiased eye can see the world for what it is.

Sound familiar? That's the beginning of my first post on this blog.

It's amazing how different some things sound in hindsight.

Things have changed in such a short time.

As you may suspect, I can't discuss everything here. So, if you're reading this, there's a lot I assume you know. Electron Innovations, as you know it, is dead. I assume the company will be taking over the website in the near future. As such, we have to apologize to all those interested in the EI2 and the idea of computing for children. It looks like we won't be able to accept your job applications or investments. On top of this, a lot of the work you may have done for us may indeed go to waste. For this, we apologize.

Cray and I will have to go underground and hide away from the rest of society. After all that's happened, we have to assume the worst if people find us.

It's funny... I always knew this would happen to me someday, but I never suspected it would happen in such a fashion and I certainly never expected it to have so much impact on so many people. I definitely wish Cray didn't get involved and was forced to the same fate.

But this is the fate of all seekers of the truth, and I think even Cray knew that when we dug deeper. She always wanted to change the world, and maybe in the end, this'll make more impact than the EI2 ever would have. When you find a truth, you have to hold onto it, no matter the cost. So, in that sense, I don't regret the experience. It's just a shame that you really only ever get to learn 1 REAL truth before your life is changed forever. Still, a truth is worthless if no one else can find it, and I know some of you want to know more even if you may end up like Cray and I. So, I have a confession...

There were other things I was working on in the last week of the original Electron Innovations. Things that only myself and one other person knew about. Someone caught my attention when they cracked my code. We had numerous meetings, discussing a certain issue. The details aren't important. The result is. The final product of these meetings are at the bottom of this post.

Some of you may hate me for keeping such a secret, but there was no one to trust at the time. If the company knew when we working for them, then the truth really might have been lost forever. This was the only way to make sure.

Unfortunately, this blog is too public. I can't continue to update on it. So, this may very well, be my last post ever. I may see what you say, but I won't be able to answer back. My phone has also been disabled. The Raven has flown.

We'll find something to do. There's people Cray wants to find, and there's a few famous sites of supposed alien landings that I've always wanted to investigate. So, there's plenty enough to do.

There's still a lot of truths out there to find. I suggest you go outside and open your eyes. Think of the possibilities. Find the truth, and hold onto it. Maybe if enough people learn enough truths, Cray and I can one day leave a life of secrecy. I certainly hope so. Secrets are too dangerous to keep unchecked.

So, this is the end. You may not have liked me, but I was always on your side, and I will remain so until the day I die (probably from government agents). I won't be able to check twitter. So, someone else will have to keep an eye on Ryan Seacrest for me. The man has to be up to SOMETHING.

I leave you the way you found me.

Join me.

Burn the Veil.

Resurrect the Truth!

I'll find a way to keep you updated.