Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calmer Waters

It looks like nothing happened overnight. I can't let myself get too worked up over this. It could be a trap.

I always knew someone was watching me. They've just chosen to make themselves known now. If they've gone through this kind of trouble, I must be onto something. Maybe they are after information on the cube. They said as much, but it could be equally likely that that is a red herring to keep me away from one of the other theories. So, I'll have to continue to watch everything closely with a low profile. I can't alert too many people.

On top of that, I think Cray just thinks I have new business jitters and that I just imagined the phone call. She never believes my theories. She won't believe me if I push the issue too often. So, I'll need some undeniable proof.

So, for now, I'll just have to go back to being my regular old self and wait for a chance to strike.

However, I received a phone call that brought up a point. How do which people I can trust when they call me up? If they're watching from all directions, then they could be anyone.

I did a little deduction on the phone calls I received. They specifically referenced the website and the content on it. However, despite claiming to know everything, they seemed to fail to know about my twitter, my youtube profile, or my blog. Apparently, my ruse was clever enough to cover my tracks. It's likely they read my blog, but if I encrypt some of my messages, it'll be easy to identify me.

So, for those loyal truth-seekers out there that truly want to help, I've made a system. I'll post codes to contact me with or encoded messages periodically throughout the pages. Hopefully, they'll seem mostly innocent to the people watching me, but to the true fans, it should immediately become obvious that it's a code.

I've placed a simple 2 word message in the most recent video on Electron Innnovations' website. For those keeping track, that's the video for April 14.

It's a decently common phrase, but weird enough that it's not likely to be used by someone in a regular conversation. Figure out the 2 words and then slip them somewhere into the conversation or e-mail you send me.

For instance, if the phrase was "Horse riding". You would say something along the lines of "I'm interested in your product and would be willing to invest a lot of money on it. Would you and Cray be willing to go on a weekend horse riding trip with me to discuss business?"

I figure only the truly loyal will be smart enough to figure this out. So, if you can figure the phrase out, I'll trust you to tell you what I know and let you help me. Of course, they'll figure out the codes eventually. So, I'll have to periodically change them. Stay tuned.

Resurrect the truth.

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