Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Truth Lives On

I apologize about the delay. After getting a reply from one of you about "thinking larger than kings", I got to thinking about the Aztecs and their Gods. The only thing greater than men treated like Gods is actual Gods themselves, right?

"Betrayed by one of the sons of his mother father to betray
his sister his heart burns with remorse for the fate of the world.
Creation in Death. Birth of the Ugly Dawn."

Thinking about this as a God instead of a man lead me to Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli the morning star. Specifically, it refers to a creation myth where Quetzacoatl is tricked by Tezcatlipoca to sleep with his sister Quetzalpetlatl and burns himself to death. His remorseful heart becomes Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli.

Initially, I was confused. This had nothing to do with the rest of the research and the Meddling Man. However, I began to think of the Gods, not as Gods, but as Kings... as men.

From there, a lot of things fell into place. Aztec Mythology, as we know it, does not recollect about Gods, but about men that were revered as Gods. The stories of their greatness is the accomplishments of mere mortal men. Men of great power. Men of even greater power than the men we knew as Aztec Kings.

From there, it gets weird.

If my notes have been translated right, there was an entire civilization of "Gods" in the Aztecs that possessed technology and wisdom beyond the people of the time and perhaps even now. People were afraid of their power. The Gods were forced to defend themselves, and ultimately realized that society had some catching up to do. Some of them considered taking the people of the world as slaves while others argued that in time men could become their equals. Ultimately, they chose to leave this planet.

From there, they entrusted a beacon to call them once society had advanced enough to be worthy of their knowledge. A Beacon that could only be activated by a person of their blood. They handed this to the only non-God they felt they could trust... The Meddling Man.

Once again, this was a sticking point. However, while working frantically and typing out my notes, I made a typo and spelled meddling without the g... The Meddlin Man... The Man of Medellin.

Hernan Cortes.

I must apologize. This one is entirely my fault. Most of the references to the Meddling Man were from locals to the region that didn't know much else. After finding reference to such a person in my notes, I started assuming that was what he was called. I was mishearing Man of Meddling for Man of Meddling. I told you my Spanish was rusty. However, this fact, once fixed, becomes the keystone to the truth. Hernan Cortes was an ally, not an enemy.

What we know as the fall of the Aztec Empire was actually their lift-off date. From there, it can only be assumed that Cortes, a friend of the Aztecs told an alternate story to the people of Spain to cover the truth. From there, he formed an organization that would protect the Beacon at all costs until society was ready.

As far as I know, that society has held that box since the fall of the Aztec empire... until now.

Some of you have been looking into a certain Golden Box held by a certain girl. I did a little research of my own. Based on that second date I found... It could be around 20 years ago. Which would coincide with her birth. Someone may have known about this truth the whole time and worked towards making sure she gets that box so she can open it. If she really has ANY Aztec ancestry in her blood, she should be able to open it. I don't know who could have done that, but that person may have either signed our death warrants or might bring on a time of unprecedented prosperity.

As I said, the Aztec Gods argued whether society would be worthy of their knowledge. They factioned off. Their King, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli believed that we were merely slaves and cattle. It is only through certain amounts of diplomacy and clever trickery that the beacon was set up to begin with.

I know that if we as a society are not worthy and ready for them, than a time of great strife and pain will befall the entire human race. From what I've read, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli is not a nice man, and if we cannot impress him, the armies of the Gods will make short work of us.

I'm giving this knowledge to you, because I think someone may have caught on to my research. Certain signs have been happening. People are coming to find me and silence me once again. I will need to go into hiding soon. It will be up to you loyal followers to expose the truth and choose what to do with it. The truth of the fall of the Aztec empire must not be kept secret.

In case I don't get to say anything more before I have to leave again, always remember.

Burn the Veil.

Resurrect the Truth.

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