Monday, April 12, 2010

More Trudging On...

Still, haven't made much progress. Get the feeling I need to figure something out first. Whoever the person I'm researching is, has a brother and both him and his brother are probably famous in Aztec history. Something as influential as a king or better.

Sent some of my notes to an old fellow truth seeker, Sawyer. He's more into future stuff, but he looked over my notes a bit and noticed a couple of interesting things. Specifically, up to the last days of the Aztecs, there was some kind of argument and a splitting of the people. Some huge argument that created two distinct factions in their ranks. Still, not sure what it was about, but it seems like one faction entrusted some secret to this Meddling Man so the other side could not get at it.

This helps my notes a bit. Was having trouble distinguishing events, but realizing that I picked up two sides of an argument helps me to sort the messages into two different groups. Should help my research. Still, it's going slow.

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