Saturday, April 3, 2010

Interesting thing to note.

Been going through my notes, and the events depicted definitely seem to show an alternate history to what we know about the Aztecs. Major dates aren't matching up while other ones are. Seems like the Aztecs worked really close with this Meddling Man (whoever he or she is). To what end, I still can tell.

Looking for possible time travel connections. Haven't found anything. Either this isn't the right tree to be barking up or someone's covered their tracks REALLY well. Either way. I doubt a connection to British action dramas.

Did find an interesting tidbit. A name keeps coming up, but can only catch fragments of it in my notes. Perhaps finding a name could help with what's going on here. Unfortunately, the best hint I have is this passage.

"Betrayed by one of the sons of his mother father to betray
his sister his heart burns with remorse for the fate of the world.
Creation in Death. Birth of the Ugly Dawn."

My notes may not be a perfect translation, but hopefully this gives enough information. Seems like this should be a fairly important person in Aztec history, but it doesn't seem to be a ruler. Will keep checking. Hopefully you guys can help on this one.


  1. I've been doing some research into Aztec history myself - maybe I can help. What are the fragments of the name that keeps appearing in your notes?

  2. Looked it over again for you. Can't find any hints on the person's name itself. The only thing I get is references to achievements and actions. However, the symbol of a snake does show up a few times in reference to someone related to our King. It could be a coatl, but that doesn't help much.

  3. you're using only 10% of your brain. think bigger then king.