Saturday, April 17, 2010

An actual breakthrough.

Well, I finally found something worth note. After another search through my notes, I've noticed that the Aztecs actually gave some artifact to the Meddling Man. My notes aren't specific on what it is, but it seems to be something of great power that was very valuable to them. Why they entrusted it to the Meddling Man, I don't know, but it definitely seems like a lead.

Sadly, the only other information on it is that it was something small enough for the Meddling Man to hold in his hands.

It'll have to be something to consider in the future. Investigations are about pulling multiple facts together at once. Any leads on our mystery man from the previous posts?

Also, I found a passage for another person of note. All that was said about them seems to be:

"Everyone has a purpose. Let your sacrifice be great as
the sun so that the stars may shine."

Not sure what it leads to, but it might help to figure out what our other mystery man is. I looked up every Aztec king I could find, but it sounds like these people are important. Any ideas on other positions that would be important?

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  1. Is it possible this artifact is a golden box?