Monday, March 2, 2009

The Truth Will Live On!

We live in an age of ignorance. Horrible Truths lie just under the facade we call reality if we are only able to look for them. But how can people look when they have been taught to stab out their own eyes of skepticism and objectivity? Is someone lying to you right now?

Even the most of the people that call themselves seekers of the truth, the people most people call Conspiracy Theorists, have decided to live life in their own little worlds. Their world is not more truthful than the average citizen's, it is merely more fantastical.

Only someone with an unbiased eye can see the world for what it is.

Take the moon landing. Was it fake?

The layman would tell you that the government has nothing to hide. The conspiracy theorists would tell you that the government has every reason to hide it.

We've all seen the photos. Visual proof of seemingly impossible or improbable camera angles and inconsistent shadows. Slowed video to fake lower gravity. Things that seem physically impossible on second glance.

There's obvious reasons to fake such a thing as well, too. Government funding for NASA? Scaring Soviets during the Cold War? Distract people from Vietnam?

But who among these people has asked the obvious question. With a Government that's capable of such an elaborate hoax, why make the signs so noticeable when there are such obvious motives? With some of the evidence, it almost seems like the US government WANTED us to find the hints.

This could only lead to one possible answer. The fakeness of the moon landing itself was faked.

If all of these things could be faked in a studio on Earth, they could also be faked in a small impromptu studio on the moon. While cramped on the lander, there was enough room for basic equipment. You may ask "Why fake something we actual did?"

Isn't it obvious? Shortly before landing, the US Program known as NASA discovered something on the moon that they didn't want people knowing about. Has a great cosmic intelligence left a clue to omnipotence on the moon, or do they still live there even now? Does the US government indeed receive help from aliens, or did the US place a base on the dark side of the moon where they do horrible experiments.

Various possibilities come to mind. The only way it makes sense is to assume that there is something terrible and secret on the moon. The "evidence" to show the moon landing as fake was merely a way of throwing off the smarter of us from the real trail.

But I am not fooled by such guises. I see through the veil, slowly, bit by bit. Every day, I come close to grand machinations just outside our regular sight.

Some of you may know me as the infamous BertramBrightRaven. The user kicked off numerous supposedly "legitamite conspiracy theory sites" that claim to be "open to finding the truth". These people aren't living the truth, they're killing it. So, as they kill the truth, so have they killed BertramBrightRaven. He is no more. Now begins the existence of BBoss1984.

Join me.

Burn the Veil.

Resurrect the Truth!


  1. Are you still here? I have found the truth! I need to know you're ok. Find me.